Frequently Answered Questions

What is GST number(GSTIN)?

GST Number or GSTIN is a 15 digit alphanumeric unique number given to each taxpayer registers under GST in India. The very first 2 digit of the GST number represents Atate in which the taxpayer is registered. The Next 10 letters is the PAN number of the taxpayer or the company. The Next 2 digits are for Entity code and the Last digit is a check sum number.

How to get GST number(GSTIN)?

One can apply for a GST number or GSTIN by registering themselves under GST on the official website.

How to verify whether a GST number is valid or fake?

You can search online on the official website of GST or you can use the service provided by us GST Number Search to check whether a GST number is valid or fake. The search will take data from the GST portal to check whether the given GST number you searched for is valid or not.

What if a GST number is fake or not valid?

If you come across a GST number to be fake. You should immediately report the said GST number to You can go on the website to find out the customer helpline number and report it.